IPL 2023 Fixtures: Full Schedule, Time Table & Venues, Teams Captains


The IPL is among the most popular T20 cricket leagues, attracting players and fans worldwide. With the 2022 season successfully concluded, cricket enthusiasts eagerly await the upcoming IPL 2023 season. This article will cover the IPL 2023 schedule, fixtures, venues, and team-wise captains. Here we will tell you that under the IPL Schedule 2023, now ten teams will play in the IPL. There used to be eight teams, but from this time, the “Lucknow” and “Gujarat” teams have integrated into the IPL. To get more information regarding IPL Schedule 2023, you have to come with us in this article to streamline you with complete details regarding IPL Schedule 2023.

IPL 2023 schedule


The official schedule for IPL 2023 is to launch on 31 March 2023. However, the tournament will last for approximately two months. The previous seasons of IPL have followed a similar timeline, and it is unlikely to change for IPL 2023. Per the IPL 2023, 74 league matches will be held until May. Friends, you will enjoy this season because you will see fascinating Matches under IPL Schedule 2023. Today, in this cricket Match article IPL Schedule 2023, we will give you various informative sources regarding the IPL 2023 Schedule, IPL 2023 Date, IPL 2023 PDF Venue, etc. 

IPL 2023 Schedule Overview

League Indian Premier League 2023
Starting date 31 March 2023
Ending date 28 May 2023
Host India
Total teams and match 10, 74
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New Team Of IPL 2023

Through informative sources have received an extract that the 

tournament to be concluded by IPL 2023. For example, Indian Premier League (IPL) in 2023 will now have to be completed by ten teams rather than eight. That is, this time ten teams will take part than before. You should also know that, as per the new IPL 2023 team, prominent cricketers participate in the IPL to play every year. 


Enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for IPL 2023 because, this time, the match will be fascinating. Under the new IPL 2023 team, two Teams, Gujarat and Lucknow, will participate in IPL 2023 this time. Now you will get more convenience according to the IPL 2023 new team because you can watch IPL quickly on TV and your mobile this year. 

Team-wise Captains IPL 2023 & Most Valuable Player And Teams

IPL 2023 Time Table & Schedule with Venue


The BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) is yet to confirm the venues for IPL 2023. However, in the past, IPL has been played across various venues in India, including stadiums in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Chennai, among others. With the ongoing pandemic, the organizers may opt for a bio-secure bubble to ensure the safety of players and staff.

MNDateMatchVenuesTime In IST
131 MarCSK vs GTAhmedabad7:30 PM
21 AprilPBKS vs KKRMohali3:30PM
31 AprilLSG vs DCLucknow7:30 PM
42 AprilSRH vs RRHyderabad3:30 PM
52 AprilRCB vs MIBengaluru7:30 PM
63 AprilCSK vs LSGChennai7:30 PM
74 AprilDC vs GTDelhi7:30 PM
85 AprilPBKS vs RRGuwahati7:30 PM
96 AprilKKR vs RCBKolkata7:30 PM
107 AprilLSG vs SRHLucknow7:30 PM
118 AprilDC vs RRGuwahati3:30 PM
128 AprilMI vs CSKMumbai7:30 PM
139 AprilGT vs KKRAhmedabad3:30 PM
149 AprilSRH vs PBKSHyderabad7:30 PM
1510 AprilRCB vs LSGBengaluru7:30 PM
1611 AprilDC vs MIDelhi7:30 PM
1712 AprilCSK vs RRChennai7:30 PM
1813 AprilPBKS vs GTMohali7:30 PM
1914 AprilKKR vs SRHKolkata7:30 PM
2014 AprilRCB vs DCBengaluru3:30 PM
2115 AprilLSG vs PBKSLucknow7:30 PM
2216 AprilMI vs KKRMumbai3:30 PM
2316 AprilGT vs RRAhmedabad7:30 PM
2417 AprilRCB vs CSKBengaluru7:30 PM
2518 AprilSRH vs MIHyderabad7:30 PM
2619 AprilRR vs LSGJaipur7:30 PM
2720 AprilPBKS vs RCBMohali3:30 PM
2820 AprilDC vs KKRDelhi7:30 PM
2921 AprilCSK vs SRHChennai7:30 PM
3022 AprilLSG vs GTLucknow3:30 PM
3122 AprilMI vs PBKSMumbai7:30 PM
3223 AprilRCB vs RRBengaluru3:30 PM
3323 AprilKKR vs CSKKolkata7:30 PM
3424 AprilSRH vs DCHyderabad7:30 PM
3525 AprilGT vs MIAhmedabad7:30 PM
3626 AprilRCB vs KKRBengaluru7:30 PM
3727 AprilRR vs CSKJaipur7:30 PM
3828 AprilPBKS vs LSGMohali7:30 PM
3929 AprilKKR vs GTKolkata3:30 PM
4029 AprilDC vs SRHDelhi7:30 PM
4130 AprilCSK vs PBKSChennai3:30 PM
4230 AprilMI vs RRMumbai7:30 PM
431 MayLSG vs RCBLucknow7:30 PM
442 MayGT vs DCAhmedabad7:30 PM
453 MayPBKS vs MIMohali7:30 PM
464 MayLSG vs CSKLucknow3:30 PM
474 MaySRH vs KKRHyderabad7:30 PM
485 MayRR vs GTJaipur7:30 PM
496 MayCSK vs MIChennai3:30 PM
506 MayDC vs RCBDelhi7:30 PM
517 MayGT vs LSGAhmedabad3:30 PM
527 MayRCB vs SRHJaipur7:30 PM
538 MayKKR vs PBKSKolkata7:30 PM
549 MayMI vs RCBMumbai7:30 PM
5510 MayCSK vs DCChennai7:30 PM
5611 MayKKR vs RRKolkata7:30 PM
5712 MayMI vs GTMumbai7:30 PM
5813 MaySRH vs LSGHyderabad3:30 PM
5913 MayDC vs PBKSDelhi7:30 PM
6014 MayRR vs RCBJaipur3:30 PM
6114 MayCSK vs KKRChennai7:30 PM
6215 MayGT vs SRHAhmedabad7:30 PM
6316 MayLSG vs MILucknow7:30 PM
6417 MayPBKS vs DCDharamshala7:30 PM
6518 MaySRH vs RCBHyderabad7:30 PM
6619 MayPBKS vs RRDharamshala7:30 PM
6720 MayDC vs CSKDelhi3:30 PM
6820 MayKKR vs LSGKolkata7:30 PM
6921 MayMI vs SRHMumbai3:30 PM
7021 MayRCB vs GTBengaluru7:30 PM
7428 MayFinalAhmedabad7:30 PM

IPL 2023 team list

The IPL 2023 season is just around the corner, and cricket fans worldwide are eager to determine which teams will compete for the trophy this year. With the tournament as exciting as ever, let’s look at the IPL 2023 team list and what we can expect from each team.

  1. Chennai Super Kings
  2. Delhi Capitals
  3. Kings XI Punjab
  4. Kolkata Knight Riders
  5. Mumbai Indians
  6. Rajasthan Royals
  7. Royal Challengers Bangalore
  8. Sunrisers Hyderabad
  9. Gujarat Titans
  10. Lucknow Supergiants


The IPL 2023 season promises to be another exciting tournament edition, with some of the best T20 cricketers worldwide showcasing their skills. With the official schedule and venues yet to be confirmed, fans must see the tournament details. However, the team-wise captains have already announced, and cricket enthusiasts can expect thrilling matches and intense competition.


When will IPL 2023 start?

The official schedule for IPL 2023 has yet to be released, but it has expected to start on 31 March 2023.

What is the number of matches that have to play in IPL 2023?

We can expect 74 matches in IPL 2023, with each team playing against the other eight teams twice, one time at home and once away.

Where will IPL 2023 be played?

The venues for IPL 2023 are yet to be confirmed, but the tournament will likely be played across various stadiums in India.

Who is the captain of Chennai Super Kings for IPL 2023?

MS Dhoni will continue to be the captain of Chennai Super Kings for IPL 2023.

Who has won the most IPL titles?

Mumbai Indians have won the most IPL titles, with five championships.

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