All Access Membership Vs Digital Membership Of Peloton

Peloton All features Membership vs Digital Membership - what does the difference between them?

Some time ago, I was addicted to junk food and looked woozy due to gaining many calories. While hearing about the Peloton app, I became a member of the digital app. and started my first tread classes with energetic instructors. I can’t believe that I was utterly hooked.

I loved the vibe of online bootcamp, to stream the duration of the workout anytime when I wanted to, with the whole community of Peloton.

After joining the Peloton digital app, When I took the plunge to try out the cycling bike. However, I decided to purchase it a few months later.

There was one thing I needed clarification on the actual difference between the digital membership and the All Access Peloton Membership.

All Access Membership Vs Digital Membership Of Peloton

Two Differences Between Peloton Membership

That thing Confused me about the Peloton membership. When I decided to try it, There were two different each other memberships. Dive into the two differences between the peloton membership.

What is All Access Peloton Membership?

All Access Peloton Membership requires a subscription. If you have a treadmill or peloton bike so, the All Access Peloton Membership gives you access to enhance your matrics. Also, it features all peloton workouts (stream and on-demand). As well as some more benefits are:

Stream Vs. on-demand Bootcamp

How Much Cost of All Access Peloton Membership?

All Access Peloton Membership costs $44 per month plus tax if you decide to purchase a Peloton Bike or Treadmill and is essentially the complete menu of Peloton content and features. But you may be eligible for a discount through the Peloton if you are a student or new responder or by your Health insurance and credit card.

Benefits of All Feature Peloton Membership

There are a few Benefits of All Access Peloton membership:

Live and on-demand:

You can access live classes anywhere on such devices as you need. Also available on your Peloton equipment, plus exclusive content, like Scenic and Lane Break on specific Peloton equipment.

Household Member:

If any house member is to get access, you can share the bike or tread peloton membership with house members by creating profiles for each person for free.

Century Club Shirt:

When you would hit the Century Club shirt, you’ll get aT-Shirt.

Metrics and Leaderboard:

You’ll have to get access to metrics such as resistance, cadence, and output into the leaderboard.

Community support:

With the All Access Membership, you can connect with a community of Peloton members to stay motivated and inspired.

Digital Peloton Membership

In this portion, we will cover up and having of its costs and benefits of a Digital Peloton Membership

What Does Digital Peloton Membership?

Digital Peloton Membership requires a subscription that anyone can sign up for anywhere. You’ll get access anywhere on any device, like a Phone, iPad, Android phones, Android tablets, Fire tablets, Android TV, Apple TV, Fire TV, and Roku TV.

How Does Didital Peloton Memership Cost?

Digital Peloton membership costs $12.99 plus tax. Still, you might get a discount on the Peloton if you are a student, educator, healthcare worker, first responder, and a few other professions.

Digital Peloton Membership Benefits

The Benefits of digital peloton membership are that you can access all content from anywhere without purchasing a peloton bike or tread on such devices as phones, Smartphones, and Smart TVs using the internet. In-app metrics, you can monitor heart rate, calories burned, or Strive Score.

In my 1st joining Peloton via digital Peloton membership, I loved it. Also, I have since added a Peloton bike to my morning routine and now have an All Access Peloton Membership. But still use digital peloton membership in the outdoor, treadmill, and tread Bootcamp for workouts.

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All Access Peloton Membership vs Digital Peloton Membership

There are a few differences b/w All Access Peloton Membership and digital Peloton membership. Describe in the table below:

BenefitsAll Access Peloton MembershipDigital Peloton Membership
PricingStart from $39.99 per month, including taxIts membership starts at 12.99 per month plus tax
Century Club T-ShirtsThis perk is available now for All Access membershipsThis perk is not Available for Digital peloton membership
Membership ProfilesIn All Access Peloton Membership creates an unlimited profileIn Digital peloton membership, you can create only one profile
LeaderboardThe Leaderboard feature can get in all access Peloton membershipIn digital peloton membership also access leaderboard features

Is Need a Peloton Membership?

The choice between the All Access Membership and Digital Membership ultimately depends on your fitness goals and preferences. If you want the whole Peloton experience, including live classes, and community support, the All Access Membership is the way to go. However, if you want to try it outdoors and avoid purchasing a Peloton Bike or Tread, the Digital Membership is a great option that still provides you access to Peloton’s content.

All Access Membership Vs Digital Membership Of Peloton

Ultimately, choosing the membership that works best for you and your fitness journey is important. Both memberships offer a variety of features and benefits to help you reach your goals.

If you want to get a membership you can visit the official Website of Peloton.


Peloton’s All Access Membership and Digital Membership offer unique features and benefits to help you achieve your fitness goals. Whether All Access Membership or Digital Membership, Peloton provides a supportive fitness experience to motivate and inspire you. So, choose the suitable Membership for you and prepare to take your fitness journey to the next level with Peloton.

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