How To Earn Money Online By Adsense And Adsterra

How To Earn Money Online By Blogging Adsense and Adsterra

In this new Age, many students and job holders who do duty 9 to 5 want to explore online work part-time to generate dollars for survival. Adsterra platform provides this opportunity. Hence, please read the complete Article and practice with us step by step.

Although this Article with proof will tell you how to generate dollars in 30 minutes, if you miss any points, you could not easily earn, or it will be challenging to acquire earnings.

After a lot of struggle, we did grab these authentic methods for our visitors. Therefore, don’t violate Google policies and take advantage of this method. So, let’s start to learn 30-minute procedures.

Create An Account on Adsterra

Making an account on Adsterra is straightforward. Although a complete method for creating an account, please give the 2 minutes to this Article’s Signup portion to learn. Additionally, get there a link to a signup page. Just Click on Adsterra GIF Picture.

How To Earn Money Online By Adsense And Adsterra

Setup A Blogg

After Creating an account on Adsterra, now you are thinking about why to set up a blog; yes, it’s important for Adsterra. Now you select your niche and which niche content you will write. Therefore, we choose content for the blog “Birthday Wishes Quotes.” you can see the type of blog and how you set up your blog for instant earning. Click Here

Choose a Niche For Your Blog

Firstly, Choose a category in which you have an interest or information and write easily, such as I had chosen ‘Wishes Quotes’. So, you can select motivational quotes, inspiration so on.

Write Content for Your Blog in 10 Minutes

After completing all the procedures, let’s go to the exciting point and know the mystery of 10 minutes—the (magic trick). Such as I have chosen the ‘birthday wishes’ niche, and in 10 minutes, I will be writing 300 to 500 Wishes content for the blog using ‘Ai’. So, Open Any ‘Ai’ tool like Bard or ChatGPT.

Therefore, once open any ‘Ai’ tool, Paste there Query ( write for me 50 birthday wishes quote. Each quote will consist of 200 words in Excel format). And then see their magic.

How To Earn Money Online

Copy and paste all the quotes into Excel Sheet (Google Docs). After completing all these procedures, I will tell you how to create 300 to 500 posts for a blog in 10 minutes. You must read the next portion; it is very important.

Create Post For Blog in 10 Minutes Using Canva

This Portion is tricky and important, so make sure to take advantage of every point. Now open the Canva tool online and sign in with your mail. This tool is premium, but you can spend $8 monthly. Although, in the market, many folks sell sharing Canva for $3. If you want to get one, please tell us in the comment section.

Sign in Canva account. Given there is an option to search, write in the search bar ‘birthday wishes’ and select a template; you can see many templates and choose one. You can see the image.

How To Earn Money Online

So, copy a quote and paste it into the template. Now go to the left side and click on “Apps”, and search there ‘Bulk’ open it and, given below “Clear Table” now, paste all your quotes. Also, remember to provide the table’s name. Click on ‘Done.’ Now right-click on the image and select “Connect Data” once the first table and then the second table name; after completing these, all procedures go to the generate button. Additionally, you can also explore further, like each image changing the background or changing the text colour. See the image.

How To Earn Money Online

Do you know one thing more you can generate videos for youtube by this method.

Posting on the blogger

This section consists of the last procedure, open your blogger and go to the “New Post”, insert the image, also pasting the quote in the text form under the image.

After the Second last step:

  • Go to the Adsterra website.
  • Open your account.
  • Add your blogger URL Link in the website add option.

So, grab your code and put it into the theme, edit the HTML of your theme and paste your Ads code where you want.

I’ve included additional relevant articles on the method (Trick) to Earn Money Online must read.

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