Make Money Online By Playing Games & Perform Tasks

Earn moeny online with Testerup

Testerup Platform allows making money online and provides various testing services to businesses, organizations, and individuals. The platform allows users to test their Apps, software, Sites, and games through crowd-testing, Manual Testing, and Automated Testing.

In this Page, we will dive into the features and benefits of Testerup (Website), including the testing services provided, Subscription plans, and its customer support.

Testerup, as it’s now known, is a platform commit you can earn sufficient money online by testing mobile apps and websites. It’s an interesting claim, but I still need to recommend joining the Testerup platform.

First of All, read the article of Testerup review so you know the complete information about what this platform offers. I explored this platform and decided to try it and determine whether it was worthwhile.

In this Blog, I’ll explore what the functions of Testerup offer and discuss certain essential aspects of the system that you should be aware of. Therefore, let’s see what Testerup can offer you without further delay.

What is Tester Up And what Do They Offering?

Testerup is an online platform where you perform tasks and make money online using the App of Testerup. Testerup was recently known as Testery. However, now this platform has updated its name with Testerup.

If this is the first concurrence with Testerup, It is an application for user testing that will reward users with the opportunity to test games on mobile devices and websites. But we should not have suggested Testerup is a better choice.

First, grasp how it operates to explore whether the Testerup website will be worth the time and effort. The best method to explore is by examining the earning opportunities it provides.

However, the opportunities to earn online money are:

Earn moeny online with Testerup

Test The Offers Available

Firstly, You need to create your account to sign in to the member dashboard through an internet browser on your PC or Laptop or via their mobile app. ( Little bit I will discuss on its App)

Therefore, you’ll be access to the dashboard to see the various test options available. You’ll also perceive whether these offers require using the mobile application or website. If you are required to try a mobile app, it is necessary to use your smartphone.

During testing websites, you must test it using your PC or laptop. Each offer will show how much you’ll earn money online after completing the Task. Based on what I’ve observed, they offer a substantial amount for each exam, which is uncommon.

I’m saying unusual since the amount they offer could not be more realistic. In the above image, you’ll earn $146 by playing an app called Family Island. Although it’s certainly possible, they need to inform you immediately that the tests will require players to spend money most of the time.

The max of this type of game for smartphones will need in-app purchases. Although, each test will include a list of tasks to be completed. You’ll earn money online when you finish each Task.

Therefore, the max of easy tasks you can accomplish using the tests will cost you a little (around $0.10 up to $0.50). Tasks on the list which pay you a sufficient amount may require a specific time or need you to invest money.

Although it is acceptable you will earn some money through these tests, you’ll need a lot of your time to perform the Task.

The best part is every test; you can easily pause when you want and continue to get your money online as long as you’ve completed the tasks.

Testerup also offers a few premium deals you can work on it when you’ve completed Five premium deals and earned a status of a premium tester. This status has some advantages, mainly intent on helping to more money online earn. But, the max deals will cost money to finish.

Referral Program

If you have yet to learn about the Referral Program, connect your friends and family with a platform you encourage them to sign up there. You can increase your money online by inviting your friend and family circle through this method.

Therefore, you must encourage your friends and family to sign up with Testerup by sharing an invitation link, each individually generated. If any folk of your friend or family member clicks on the invited link and signs up for an account on Testerup, they can use your referral link there.

Incentive reward each time your referrer earns by taking the tests, and you’ll earn 10% of the commission. This is a method of passive earning. However, it would be best if you only invited those genuinely eager to earn money online on this platform.

It’s a lot much more complicated than it appears. It is more challenging to do. However, join this platform.

Join Link: Click Here

How Do You Money Online Earn?

Such as explained, each test must be completed or finished as a task then you will earn some money online. Once you’ve earned the $70, you’ll be eligible for withdrawal through PayPal.

An extremely high threshold for payouts. It is strange about Testerup that user-testing websites don’t usually have high points for payouts. Therefore, This is a surprise for me, and I’ll detail the reason in the next section.

According to my experience, websites with an excessively high threshold for payouts usually intend to refrain from paying their users. This is not the case for Testerup since I didn’t get close to the point when trying it out, and you’ll be able to know why in the next Blog Post.

Although the method of payment of Testerup is easy to use, I prefer sites with an acceptable payout threshold since you’ll be able to cash out quickly. To find a list of Websites with a shallow Threshold for payouts,

Testing Services

Testerup offers various testing services to meet the needs of its users. These services include Crowd TestingManual Testing, and Automated Testing.

Crowd Testing 

The crowd-testing method involves a suite of testers from globally to test an App, Website, and Software. This method provides valuable insights from a suite of testers, which can help identify potential bugs, usability issues, and other problems.

Manual Testing 

Manually human Testing an application, software, and website. This type of Testing can identify issues that automated Testing might not detect, such as Visual Design, broken links, usability issues, and page loading time.

Automated Testing

 This type of Testing uses software (bots) to perform tests on an App, Software, and Website. Automated Testing is fast and efficient and can quickly identify potential issues in the code, rather than Manual Testing.

Pricing Plans offers several pricing plans for businesses and individuals. These plans include a pay-per-test plan, a monthly plan, and an annual plan.


The plan allows users to pay for each test they run on the platform. This plan is ideal for individuals or small businesses who only need to run periodic tests.

Monthly Plan

Users with a set of digits of monthly tests are ideal for businesses that need to run tests regularly.

Annual Plan

This plan provides users with more tests yearly and is ideal for larger businesses that need to run multiple tests regularly.

Customer Support has excellent customer support for its users. The platform offers a comprehensive knowledge base that contains helpful Blog posts and can help users learn how to use the Testerup platform.

Additionally, the Testerup platform offers email and phone support. The customer support team is responsive and can help users with queries or issues.

Final Words

The Testerup platform is excellent for businesses and individuals who 

must test their applications, software, websites, and games. The platform offers various testing services, including Crowd, Manual, and Automated Testing.

With various pricing plans, customer support, and comprehensive testing services, the Testerup platform is an excellent choice for everyone looking for an easy and efficient way to test their applications and software. Additionally, provide an opportunity to earn money online by Testing and playing the games.

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